Sunday, December 28, 2008


I know. Other parents look at this kid and just can't help it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Williams Family Christmas Run Down

I think this really has been one of my most favorite Christmas's... ranks right up there with one of my last Christmas's at home in Vista, when all my siblings slept in the basement Christmas Eve night... waking up all together in the morning.

This year was a favorite for a couple reasons:

1. The snow really created an ideal Christmas. Not only did it snow heaps all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day providing a White Christmas, but it allowed us the opportunity to spend over week together relaxing and enjoying the season with one another. We are so blessed to have so much love in our home. It also provided an excuse to spend last weekend with my sister-in-law's family, something we do not do often enough!

2. Christmas Eve with dear friends. We invited friends over to spend Christmas Eve with us. Darby, Jeremy and their daughter Ellette, as well as our friend Al all braved the treacherous conditions to be at our home. I hope it was worth it to them, because we loved having them. Ellette and Quincy played and played and really had a blast... our house showed it. We are so fortunate to have such good friends, and we look forward to all the fun we will have in 2009 with them.

3. Quincy! What fun it is to have the magic of a child at Christmas in our home! He is so excited for decorating our Christmas Tree, seeing the Christmas lights, reading Christmas Books, seeing Santa, opening gifts, singing Christmas songs. It will be a fun time of year for a long time to come.

My wishes for next year are for Quincy to better understand the reason for our celebrating Christmas. I hope that Dan and I can help him to learn more of Christ and all he has given us. That he can live a selfless life; with honor, integrity and JOY!

Jingle Bells!

One of our favorite things this Christmas is Quincy singing "Jingle Bells". He does so well! Here is a video from our Christmas Eve sing-a-long.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Winter

Winter has certainly made it presence know here in the Pacific Northwest, as it has throughout much of the country. We stayed home from work for the first time in our almost 9 years with the company. On Thursday we drove all the way in to work at 11, only to find out that they were sending everyone home! Back in the old days we would have risked it... but now with a toddler, things just are not the same.

Saturday's forecast was for blizzard like conditions and extremely high winds. So, instead of staying at home to brave the storm... we drove to Snohomish to hunker down with my sister in law's family. They have propane and a generator, so we knew we would be warm... plus, it was just a fun excuse to go over there and play games and enjoy the season. This California girl saw things she had never seen before! Wind blew snow all around, sometimes making it difficult to see. Snowdrifts created some odd humps and lumps all around.

We contemplated staying another night, but decided to make the trek home. I think we made a mistake... we should have enjoyed one more night there, as we returned home to no water. We are hoping it is just frozen pipes... not broken pipes. Regardless, we have been unable to get a hold of a plumber, and you don't realize how much you use water, until its gone. Flushing the toilet? Brushing your teeth? Bathing? Washing your face? Washing your hands after using the bathroom? Hot cocoa? Dirty Dishes piled up? Its kinda a bummer.

Luckily, we have most of the week off, and I think I will re-arrange some vacation time around to only have to work a little bit tomorrow. I am so behind! Urg! Looks like things will be warming up into the 30's (that is warm compared to the low 20's we have been seeing!) so I am hoping we will be done with the snow and ice for at least a little while.
Update: Since I wrote this blog last night... our pipes thawed up a bit and water is again running! Thank Goodness!
I have included some pics, although nearly all of them were from the first day of snow... more came since those pics were taken, and more is expected! Good thing we have no obligations, other than a drive to Snohomish for Christmas dinner!

We'll see if I get to make those Christmas cookies I had planned on making this week...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weekend in Cali

A little late with my post, but we came home and were immediately submerged back into "real life"... except for today! Home at 10 am, watching "Wow!Wow! Wubzee" and the snow fall outside. I love being trapped at home and not going to work! :) we realize that Quincy is totally unprepared for snow. No Hat. No Gloves. Not that he would wear them, oh well.

Anyhow, we had quite the whirlwind visit to Vista, only 3 full days is definitely too short! We arrived quite late on Friday night. The flight wasn't too bad, luckily it wasn't a full flight, so Quincy was able to sit beside me and watch Elmo on my laptop. Food is a good distraction to an almost 2 year old as well. Saturday we ran some errands and went out to lunch with Jessica and Tyson, and then that night a big party at my mom's house. I saw all kinds of folks I hadn't seen in far too long. We were also celebrating my grandmothers birthday. It was fun, and Quincy has a new love... Ellie. They wrestled and had all kinds of fun together. Here are some pic's from Saturday night.

Quincy with Great Grandma:

Quincy and Ellie

All the girls! Me, Jessica, Brady, Crystal and Marla

Sunday afternoon was a big party at my aunts house. It was awesome! I so so many family members I hadn't seen in years! We were all together in the first time since who knows how long! There were lots and lots of photos taken! Some dear friends, Kristin and Amy and their daughters also showed up, as did old friend Leanna Hunt. It was so good to spend time catching up with all of them... although, the blog world makes it easier to keep up even when distance keeps us apart.

Quincy makes a move for the cake:

Cicely, Leanna Hunt and Jessica:
Hayley, Kristin, Jessica, Cicely, Jeweliette and Amy:
The Voigtlander's:
Sunday night was my favorite, and really what I wanted during this trip most of all, a night with my mom and dad and bothers and sister. We played Balderdash... and my family is so dang funny to play this game with. We are so creative! I was laughing so hard at times that I thought I would wet my pants! I miss them. I wish I didn't live so far... or I wish we could afford to visit more often. Monday was pretty mellow... sadly, I brought the rain and wind and cold from Seattle with me. It was not the sunny and 70 degree weather I was hoping for. Jessica and I took advantage of granny (a.k.a "Ba-Bo") and got our nails done and went out for lunch. That night I got my fill of delicious Mexican food to last me until our next trip in March.
While there, we also discovered Quincy's talent for the drum.
Future drummer for sure:

I was sad to leave on Tuesday, especially since that was the day with the most sun! I made a point of driving down the coast on the way to the airport so I could enjoy it as much as possible. We got there at 12:30, only to be told that our flight was cancelled, and I would be on the 4:30 flight, landing in Seattle at 7:30pm. It took everything in me not to completely lose it and cry then and there. How was I going to entertain a 2 year old for 7 hours in a small area??! It wasn't easy, and I was VERY grateful to land and have Dan's help. I don't think I will attempt a trip like this by myself again for a long time! It was good to see everyone, and I appreciate all the great parties everyone threw while we were there!! we love you all!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the Christmas fun begin!

I am feeling very excited for Christmas this year, and I think it all has to do with that sweet little boy of mine. He is not old enough to really grasp the idea of Christmas, but old enough to enjoy some of the things that go along with it... but without the greediness that will no doubt arrive in a couple years.

I had planned to get out all the Christmas decorations this weekend, but didn't... guess that will be next weekend. We did enjoy some Christmas fun however, make a trip to the Redmond Town Center where they have a little "train" that drives around the parking lot. Quin was completely and utterly beside himself. He had a fit when we walked past it (had to get to the ATM first) and when it came time to get off the train... for get it! He could have gone on and on for hours. We also paid a visit to Santa, for a boy who is not at all shy, he sure was hesitant to sit on the ol' jolly elf's lap. The closest he got to a smile was when he heard to "beep beep" of the train driving past outside Santa's "shop". Later this week we will attend our work Christmas Open House... and this upcoming weekend, Dan and I are eagerly awaiting a weekend to ourselves, a trip to the Seattle Symphony and a nice restaurant. We should also get some much needed Christmas shopping completed... with a stop at a couple Toy Stores, I will be officially DONE!

(Notice how disgruntled he is in this picture... it's because we were forcing him to leave the train!)

In other news, Quin is keeping us amused as he is now all about "tickling" you. He will get you and say "tickle, tickle" in an adorable little toddler way. Of course, we have to pretend that we are being tickled to pieces. Also, for the first time that we have observed he is jumping and he loves it! He will jump at ever opportunity, usually while yelling "jump!". He has discovered his love for "cha milk" a.k.a chocolate milk. He is putting together more and more words to create more complex phrases. He has also begun "reading" all by himself, especially "Good Night Moon". He will go through the pages saying "night mouse, night star, night kitty". His new love of Richard Scarry books is... well.... scary.

Friday, November 28, 2008

With a long weekend, there is much to be Thankful for. I am so glad to have a day specifically devoted to reminding ourselves of all we are blessed with. We hosted Thanksgiving at our home this year and only had time to contemplate today after the house was cleaned, but here is what I have thought about (in no paticular order!):
  1. My two nieces, Annie and Karli who helped me clean up the kitchen and hand wash our nice dishes, they made the clean up go SO much faster.
  2. My brother in law Karl, simply because Quincy loves him so much, that he yelled "No!" every time Karl put on his jacket to try and leave.
  3. My dear sister in law, whom I adore and look up to, she shows me how to be a loving mother and a strong wife.
  4. Our Uncle Jim! He brought the Turkey, cooked to perfection!
  5. My father-in-law Gary, who kept us all entertained with his tales of bravery and adventure as a Seattle motorcycle cop.
  6. My sister-in-law Deb, who has provided hours of endless entertainment by bringing beloved Richard Scary books for Quincy.
  7. My darling Dan, who helps me in every way he can ... and flows an endless stream of compliments to me like whenever I am needing it most.
  8. Quincy. How is it that such a little munchkin can be so smart, cuddly and good-natured? How is that somebody I have known for so short a period of time, have me so totally in love? How could any future children ever even come close? Is it even worth risking the disappointment?
  9. My family in California. I can't stop thinking about how excited I am to see my family for the holidays! I am so excited to see how Quin enjoys them like I do.
  10. Lastly, Weight Watchers. I am needing it right about now.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A weekend with Quincy

A photographic journal of Quincy's weekend...

New word : MINE

Brushing those pearly whites:

"Helping" Mommy with yardwork!

Bathtime Artistry!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have almost always thought it was something quite special to share a birthday with my mom. Something that sets us both apart from other mom's and daughters. Mom, I cherish you. Thank you for your love and support through the years. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yay! Family Photos!!!

We had some family photos taken in October, and I have quite anxiously awaited a glimpse of how they turned out! At last we have some to see... see more at Kelli's blog. Apologies if you see these again in a Christmas Card, or packaged up in a frame as a Christmas gift! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haunted House...SPOOKY

At our little party, the kids decorated a "Haunted Gingerbread House". They did a great job, all participating with only some of the candy being consumed. This has resulted in a mostly sticky floor, and I have mopped twice now....less sticky, but still some stick. Anyhow, here is the house in progress as well as the completed materpiece. Martha would be proud.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A second Halloween for Quincy proved to be quite fruitful! I plan on using all the chocolate/candy bars and making "Halloween Cookies"... chopping them all up and making chocolate "chip" cookies out of them. Goodness knows, we do not need more candy around here. Not that cookies are much better... but at least I can take those to work and know they will be eaten up quite quickly. We had a little Halloween party, and had lots of fun! Al Harrison, the Broyles family and the Rassmussen family joined us (in costume) and we had a great time! Had a "ghoulish" dinner and then off to trick or treat! Added bonus: Dan and I had the day off today, which meant we could spend the while day cleaning, cooking and decorating (did I mention that Quin was in daycare? YAY!) Quincy also had his very first dentist appointment today! He was not the hugest fan, but it was overdue. Could this make me a very mean mother, or a very good mother? Oh well, without further ado... some pictures of the cutest cowboy in North Bend!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Branching Out....

So, I have realized that this blog is mostly devoted to Quincy, and the events our family participates in on a daily/weekly/monthly basis... depending on how on top of it I am. Dan has his own blog, and I thought, well... why can't I. So, now I do.

Not really sure how this other blog of mine will go, but I can tell you it will be much more filled with the radomness of my life... less Quin-isms. That is not to say it won't have Quin -related topics, that would be impossible. I am his mommy after all.

Anyhow, here is where this other blog of mine can be found

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween!

We had a great weekend, complete with a trip to the pumpkin patch! We joined the Froelich clan at Craven Farms in Snohomish to pick out the best pumpkins and then back to the farm for a delicious dinner and good family time. I thought it was funny how the kids loved the "petting zoo" complete with caged kittens... yes, kittens, when there are mostly the same animals running around at the Froelich farm.. but without the crowds. Quincy loves the farm animals, and thoroughly enjoyed his quality cousin time. He was quite worn out by the end of the evening, and it was evident as we tried to put him down to sleep that he was just a little beyond the point of no return. As the kids grow older, it just gets more and more fun. Audrey took a particular interest in playing with Quin, holding his hand and always asking for him, it was very sweet. Jerrie also took some very nice family photos of us that turned out perfectly! I am very much looking forward to the holidays this year, and this is just the beginning!! Looking forward to the next few months, for sure!

Quincy and Uncle Karl share the same first love... tractors.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tantrum, thy name is Toddler!

Wow, how moods shift around here these days. There is just no telling what will cause a mega-fit, nor how to stop one's mega-fit. We simply cannot take any happy moment for granted, because within seconds the whole world could come crashing in. Is it because Thomas the train is over? It's time for a bath? or I have to get out of the bath? Mommy wants to put shoes on me? We have to go bye-bye? No lollipop's for dinner? I have to drink water, instead of milk or juice? Or... the wind blew in the wrong direction? Sometimes it is anyone's guess, even Quincy doesn't seem to know.

The flip side... occassionally this angel makes an appearance, with his bright blue eyes and silly laugh. So... it is worth it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever

It is shameful, really. I can list all the many excuses I have but honestly... I am just too tired! So instead I will do a super quick run down...

  • Quincy started a new daycare this month. Annie keeps a blog of all the things they do during the week, so you can see what he is learning and great pics if you check out her blog too. I have it listed from my blog, "Annie's Alphabet". She does a much better job of keeping up her blog....

  • I have been waking up at 5am every weekday morning and doing a BootCamp... hence the too tired. So far, not quite the results I was hoping for, but I haven't given up yet.

  • Working like a dog, as always...

  • Went to the "Threshing Bee" in Ellensburg... SOOO many Tractors. Quincy was in HEAVEN.

  • Attended the "Twighlight Tours" at the Cedar Falls, a closed up company town up the street from us. Been closed since 9/11 since there is a power plant there. We had lots of fun, and our friends went with us to make it even better! Willow and Quincy were so cute together!

  • Had a much needed "Girls Night"... lots of fun!

  • Got a new laptop, so Dan and I don't have to compete for the computer... now I really shouldn't have an excuse for my blogging laziness. Oh well.

Hopefully that will tide you over for a little while...