Sunday, February 22, 2009

Desperate times...


Desperate times apparently call for desperate measures. Dan has been asking me to update the blog for quite awhile, so this weekend he had to get creative in providing a blog-worthy experience for me. I submit for your enjoyment, the new (and improved?) Dan:


I must admit, it is a little weird. We were out and about and on more than one occasion, he walk past me or towards me and it took me a full second to realize it was him. In the close to 9 years we have been together, he has always looked the same! With that being said, it is also a whole lotta fun. It's like I have a new boyfriend, except even better because I don't have to worry about things like... Will we break up? Will he like me? Is he the one? Is my breath OK? Should I just order the salad, or the messy, saucy burger I really want? Will he try and get fresh? I hope so. teehee