Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas to All!!!

We had a lovely Christmas, very mellow, at home just the three of us along with my sister. It was nice and relaxed, and the baby took it all in nicely. He was mostly interested in walking all around the room saying "Uh-Oh", his new word and something he says pretty darned often these days. Quincy received a couple toys, one from Grandpa Gary and one from Santa, but he was mostly interested in paper and a variety of other items he shouldn't be getting into. I do love this time of year, but it is sometimes a little bit of a relief once it is all over. Now the clean up begins!!

In addition to clean up, there are also party plans to be made! Quin's first birthday is coming up so soon. January 6th, and I have a lot to do before then. Thankfully my mom will be here visiting for a few days, and that will allow me the extra pair of hands I need to get my list of chores completed. We will have a small birthday party with some friends and family to celebrate that we now officially are out of "infancy" and into "toddler"-dom. I am absolutely astounded when I really think about it more than 30 seconds. My little tiny boy is growing up so fast, and I just can't seem to slow it down.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Steps

With the busy holiday season, I have not been able to stay updated on our blog!!! The last few weeks have brought quite a bit of excitement... first we had some major snow, about 9 inches, then it immediately melted off with a major rainstorm coming through. Dan is always like a little boy when it snows. He just wants to go out and play! Quin will have a playmate whenever we receive snow as long as his daddy is here, thats for sure! Quincy has also turned 11 months old. I am amazed that he is almost 1 year old. How time flies.... I must start planning for the big ol' birthday bash! Reports from daycare are that he has started walking this week, although we have yet to witness it. He simply refuses to walk for us as he prefers to be held (hmmm... spoiled?) He has also started pointing at items, which is actually quite helpful. Now I have some idea as to what it is he wants!!! This week he had a high fever, but still made it to visit Santa Claus. No big smiles or hugs for Santa, however. I think if he had had a better nap and bottle beforehand we could have seen some better results. Oh Well, many years ahead to visit old Saint Nick. We have purchased a little Christmas tree and put it up high on a card table at the paediatricians recommendation. It is still very pretty... just small, and that's OK because smaller equals cheaper and daycare costs are taking a heavier toll than we anticipated! Thankfully Quincy could care less how many gifts Santa brings him this year! Don't worry though, we still have managed to get some Christmas shopping in! Happy Holidays to all!!