Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quincy: Daredevil extraordinaire

.... And the parents that save his life every day!

Yes, Quincy is making it apparent to us that babyproofing will have to begin VERY soon! This week he was caught mid-plummet by Dan from his highchair, even after being belted in! He is also learning to climb up the stairs to our jetted tub, and is become quite adept at climbing up whatever he can find to stand up: crib sides, pant legs, mommy and daddy... you name it. He has no fear!! I guess he is leaving that all up to me!

Bad news for Dan yesterday, he did not get the job he applied for last week. Disappointing, but now we just have to hope that whoever DID get the job will do it well, and not annoy Dan further! After a week of working early, I am really not sure how long he will last. He is just not an early morning person! I like that he goes to bed at a relatively decent hour though, and I also like the limited hours at daycare for Quin.

We received some fun news on Thursday, Our nephew and his wife are expecting their third baby early next year and they found out it will be a boy. So Quin will have a little cousin who is just a little bit younger, to play all kinds of rough and tumble boy games with at all the family festivities! It also means that I have a somebody to take all these clothes Quin has grown out of!

Thanks again for reading!
Have a great week!
D,C and Q

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Big Week

Hello everyone! It is our weekly update, and it has been a pretty good and somewhat eventful week. As I mentioned in our last post, Dan had a job interview for a supervisor position. We won't know until sometime next week if he will interview a second time, or what the outcome of his first interview was. He feels confident though, he put a lot of thought into preparing for this and was able to answer the questions with strong examples. He did his very best, so I am proud no matter what the decision. I don't know if I will ever again get to see him in this expensive suit we bought for him, so I made him take a picture this morning and thought I would share it with you all. The man cleans up so well! He has had quite the head cold this week, so he is hoping to feel better soon. One of the joys of having a baby in daycare now... we get to share our illnesses for weeks!

Quin is growing and changing everyday! When I picked him up from daycare yesterday they said he was fussy and needy, and sure enough... a little nub of a tooth is breaking through! So, teeth #3 and 4 look like they are on their way! He was pretty fussy last night, but is back to a perfect angel as of today! He is scooting all over the place, not officially crawling but he sure can get from Point A to Point B in a hurry. He knows what he wants and he can get there quickly, unfortunately what he usually wants in something he shouldn't be getting into! Today on our way home from work I sat in back with him while Dan drove. I realized something... I am missing out on ALL the fun sitting up front!!! I have the funniest boy! He is all about games and laughing, for the first time ever he played peek-a-boo with me! He help onto his burp rag and covered his face up while I said "Where is Quincy?..." and dropped the cloth for me to say "THERE HE IS!" and he giggled and giggled! Over and over he did this, guess he likes Peek-a-boo! I nearly cried from pride and laughter.

I wonder still if I am making the right choice. I work so hard, and so many hours that I just miss out on so much with him. I had one day this week when I thought to myself "I work with babies all day, why can't I be with the baby I love?!", but other days are rewarding and I know that he enjoys playing with all the toys they have there! Interaction with other babies is good for him, but I wish we could be together more often. Typically Dan is dropping him off around 8:30am, and I pick him up about 5:30pm... that's 9 hours! He is only awake for about 13 and 1 of those hours is spent driving! So, all-in-all we are together playing, eating, bathing, getting ready for the day or for bed about 3 hours or so. It's just not enough time. Dan is going start working earlier however and this will put my mind at ease. Dan will be able to pick him up by about 3:30pm, and he will have Sunday's and Monday's off. That means only 4 days at daycare... but it also means only 1 day that we will be together as a family. Not sure if I like that trade-off!
But I suppose that could all change with a supervisor job, and we will just have to wait and see on that.

That's all from "Team Williams" this week. Love to all!

D, C and Q

Monday, September 10, 2007

Let the fun begin!

My first update!

I hope this helps everyone feel connected despite any distance! What a world we live in, to be able to share items through technology! Thanks for the idea Erin!!! It is pretty late, and Quin was up last night late. He woke up at 1am and would not fall back asleep like he usually does! After 40 minutes of listening to him cry, I finally gave in and brought him into bed with us. Not a good night sleep for mommy! I should be going to bed instead of blogging!!

Dan is going to be interviewing for a supervisor position sometime this week! So if everyone would keep him in your thoughts, he is studying hard!! It won't be too much more money, but I think he will be much happier as a leader.

OK. The soft bed beckons.

Love to all!
Mama Cicely