Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving, with a house full of family. I had some help from my sister the night before, and some help from both of my sister in law's the day of, and altogether I think it came out alright. There was only a brief moment when I questioned my own sanity, and then the food was ready and I was OK again.

Quin, in his usual form, was quite the entertainer. He was dressed in his nicest outfit and was on his best behavior. He smiled and laughed for all the guests, and of course was quite adored by all. He also ate up everything put before him!!! Not too much of a surprise there. He does love most food we give him. He had turkey, yams, potatoes au gratin, and green beans... but his REAL FAVORITE was PUMPKIN PIE! He cried for more and more! Uh Oh. I may be creating a "sweets" monster, just like his mommy. We don't want that.

Now we must prepare for Christmas!! Can't wait!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Big 3 - OH!!!!

It is here. The inevitable has occured. I could not escape the quick approach of my 30's and here they are. I know as I head into my 30's that is isn't as bad as I am making it out to be. After all, I have an incredible family, an amazing child and dear husband. I have a lovely home and a good, fullfilling job (most of the time). I am healthy and young (at heart). I have many more adventures ahead of me and a lot of things left to accomplish. The most important of these is the task of raisnig a kind, thoughtful and intelligent young man, and with the help of my kind, thoughtful and intelligent husband I think we are well on our way. In the next ten years I would like to have more children. Dan and I have realized over the last 10 months what an absolute joy it is to have a family. I would like to stop the silly yo-yo dieting, and just focus on being healthy, active and comfortable in my own skin. I would like to find more time for myself, to achieve personal growth. If I am not complete, I know I cannot be a complete mother and wife. I want to be a better wife. Dan deserves that. All very big things to look forward to.
Having a great birthday so far. At work everyone dressed in black and white, and my desk was all decorated in black and white by dear friends. I am so lucky to love the people I work with. Tonight they have planned for a fun night out in Seattle, and we have a babysitter all lined up! This morning, my dear husband got up with the baby and I got to sleep in until nearly 10am! Oh BLISS!!! Then I was treated to a pumpkin muffin and latte for breakfast. Its been a very nice day.
Depsite turning 30.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick Or Treat!!

Quincy's first Halloween was quite a lot of fun! It was a cold, dry night and EVERYBODY was out! We met up with some friends and their kids, who are actually old enough to know what Halloween is all about.... CANDY! Quin stayed up way past his bedtime and was very, very tired by the end of the night. He was the most adorable little tiger, but I knew he would be. We also went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It was a very short trip,

just long enough to get some nice pictures of the experience. It was an extremely cold and frosty morning, so none of us lasted long. It has been a very fun week for us, and I am looking forward to the next couple months.