Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 years ago...

It recently dawned on me that it was 10 years ago this month that I returned from my year abroad. I look back and feel so lucky to have spent that time in Spain. It helped mold me into who I am today, and still today I think of my time there fondly.
10 years ago...
  • I had some of the best friends! The "Spain Girls" still keep in touch, and we try to have reunion's as often as we can. 10 years later it is harder and harder to do. We have married, had children, spread out, but these girls are still a huge and important part of me. I laugh often remembering some of the wild shenanigans we got ourselves into!

  • I returned a lot thinner! Everyday in Madrid I walked miles... to school, to the grocery store, to the park... wherever...if it was sunny, we walked there. On top of that, I was also running nearly everyday. Nowadays, it is hard for me to find the time (and energy) to do either.

  • I was happy to return to good Mexican food again! Many people assumed (for some reason?) that because Mexico and Spain spoke the same language, they ate the same foods. NOT SO! In fact, it was hard to find Mexican food much at all!
  • I spoke spanish. I dreamed in spanish. I could easily hold a lengthy conversation explaining any thought I had.... and get my point across. Now, I try... but I struggle. It is a dissapointment to see how far I have declined.

  • I came home to doing nothing but enjoy the summer. My mom encouraged me to enjoy the summer before getting back to school and starting a new job. I am grateful for her advice still 10 years later. Now I know... it was my last summer to be free and young, without (much) of a care in the world.

  • I had a packed passport to be proud of, and a wealth of experiences to last a lifetime. Seeing so much of the world made me more appreciative of history, different cultures and the amazing things God can do.

  • Despite counting down the days until I returned, I missed Spain tremendously upon leaving, and was anxious to get back and visit again. Some things never change!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Boy!

It is Dan's birthday! He was pretty upset about the whole Michael Jackson thing... but we went out to dinner, and opened some gifts and he ended the night playing his new Wii. All in all, I think it was OK. I hope it was at least!Love you darling!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I won't dwell too much on the how the day itself went, as I think both Dan and I spent most of our waking hours wondering why exactly we became parents in the first place... that's just how it goes when you have a 2 year old, I suppose. In between temper tantrums I was able to contemplate fatherhood a little bit. I have been lucky in life, not only to have a wonderful father myself... but to have also had the fortune to have a great partner in this crazy "parenthood" roller coaster ride.
Baby Chris

Yes folks, I went there... an old PROM photo (eek)

I have learned a lot from my own dad... I wear my heart on my sleeve as he does, I trust people and expect them to be honest (sometimes to a fault), through him I have learned to love all types of music, I appreciate laughing and quick wit, and I never, ever litter (but I do chew gum sometimes, sorry dad). My father is amazing and I love him dearly. Seeing my dad happy and healthy makes me happy too!

I have also learned a lot from my darling husband, watching him be an incredible father to our son. Mostly, patience. He has an amazing knack for it, that I don't know if I will ever truly capture. I certainly would not be able to do it without him, nor would I want to... he keeps me laughing when I feel like I could easily be weeping. Oh, and ladies.... he does laundry too (swoon).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A New Blog

OK... trying something new. A blog mostly devoted to the things that inspire me to create and decorate. As long as I have projects to keep me busy, this blog should stay busy too...

the mouths of babes

With Quincy speaking entire phrases and sentances with alarming ease these days, he has us laughing as often as he has us pulling his hair out (50/50 isn't too bad I guess). Here are a few of his gems:

In one of his favorite books Pigeon finds a Hot Dog (which is a fave simpy for the fact that he would eat hot dog's at every meal) the pigeon describes a hot dog as being a "taste sensation". So, one day as we discussed hot dogs (yes, it is a topic of conversation in this house) I asked him what a hot dog tasted like. His response, to my suprise, was"It's a taste sensation". It cracks me up everytime I ask him.

Since he is a two year old, he likes to be very contrary. Anything you say, he will disagree with. Dan once commented, "You are the best boy ever". His reply? "No. Not me" OK, sometimes your right.

The funniest conversation we have had, may not be appropriate for this family-friendly blog, let's just say... it was held while changing his daiper and the comparison between mommies anatomy and daddies anatomy... as well as the sizing differences between his own and daddies body parts, was discussed, unprompted. Dan and I about busted a gut.

It is also fun to tell him things to say. He is very good at repeating most everything you tell him, and sometimes just hearing him speak full sentances and thoughts is amusing enough.

Of course, with everygood thing must come some challenges. He also loves to say, "NO! Not you mommy!" or "NO! Not you Daddy!" and when we suggest a nap or bedtime he tells us, "No, I waked up". When I tell him "No" to, say, jelly beans at bedtime, he cries, "Say YES mommy!" Mmm. nope, sorry.

and so it goes...

Baseball Season

Baseball Season is upon us, and even I am in the game. Quincy demands it. I have noticed a trend, whatever sport "season" it is... he is obsessed with. So it stands to reason, that Baseball would be no exception. We have our Mariner's shirts and ball caps ready, and a 2 year old sized baseball bat has been purchased (although only allowed OUTSIDE). Let it be know... this kid can play. He hits the ball more often that you would think, and then he "runs the bases" and usually informs me that I have to say "run", which I do.

We are counting on him going right to the major's out of college and paying for mommy and daddy's retirement. No pressure.

After playing at home over and over and over again... we took it to the baseball fields. He ran the bases several times. Sometimes he would start at 3rd and make his way to first... we will work out the details later.