Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Visit to the Froelich Farm!

A Fun Weekend at the farm... we got to see Karli do her vaulting, a combination of gymnastics and dance on a moving horse! Wow! We are so lucky to have the farm to visit, and I hope Quin appreciates it as he gets older. He is not yet keen on riding the horses, just watching them... he continues to be obsessed with tractors however. Another fun thing for a toddler? Playing in dirt and throwing gravel. Big fun!

Monday, July 7, 2008


"Whoa" was the word of the day this past 4th of July, as Quincy said it more times than I could count. I was a little afraid he might be scared of the fireworks, but it was just the opposite... absolute fascination. We went to our good friends, the Enfields house, where they blew up hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks. We just got to sit back and enjoy. I admit, I think I like Independence Day more here in Washington state just because everyone is setting off fireworks all over the place. It is like a war zone in North Bend! It was a little foggy and drizzly throughout the day, so it wasn't quite as lively this year as it was last, but still lots of fun. I love summer! I dressed Quin in an adorable hand-me down that my brothers used to wear, a little jumper my grandma made and I was so excited to see how handsome Quin was wearing it. It will get some more use this summer, for sure.

A neat week otherwise, with lots of Thunder Showers. It was mid-west summer weather... and on some nights we sat in the dark watching the lightening move across the skyline and waiting for the rain to dump down. I love thunder and lightening in the summer, it kind of reminds me of the summers in Madrid.

We also went to another car show, this time classic trucks. The boy loves the old classic cars as much as his parents do. His picture was in the Issaquah Reporter last week as well. Fun! We also took pictures of Quincy with his great gandfathers baseball glove, something we did every month during his first year...and now we will take one every 6 to 12 months, until he tells us to stop already! Look how much he has grown! Here he is at 1 month, and now offically at 18 months old!