Thursday, June 24, 2010

40 Reasons for 40 Years!

The patriarch of this little family is celebrating a milestone birthday, 40 years old!
In his honor, a reason of the top 40 reasons I love/appreciate/enjoy Dan (in no particular order):

40. He has a perfect nose. I regret that Quincy didn't inherit it.
39. He has a perfect chin. I regret that Quincy didn't inherit it.
38. He has beautiful blue eyes. I am thrilled Quincy inherited them.
37. He is a snappy dresser
36. When he puts on dark sunglasses and asks "Do I look dangerous?"
35. "Write if you get work" and other Dan-ism's
34. His absurd devotion to the Snoqualmie Valley Elk
33. His traditional chili burger breakfast choice
32.  "snick - ers"
31. When we spend hours talking about what we would do if we won the lotto (even though we don't play)
30. Watching "our shows" together while eating ice cream
29. His honesty
28. His compassion and generosity
27. When he sends flowers to me at work for no reason
26. He let's me sleep in on the weekends
25. I rarely ever have to do the laundry
24. I mostly NEVER have to fill my gas tank myself
23. When he cooks scrumptious dinners
22. He looks good in a hat
21. A tremendous love, and ridiculous knowledge of all the old Highways of Washington State
20. His appreciation
19. His patience
18. His excitement about toys, trains and matchbox cars
17. Snuggles :)
16. Those sideburns - 10 years later, I still love 'em
15. Appreciates a wide variety of music
14. We work well together to get things done
13. I still get kinda excited when I see him coming to "visit" me at work
12. His love for Christmas - everything about it
11. His wit and sarcastic sense of humor
10. When he talks to me about sports (as though I understand)
9. His patriotism and respect for the American flag (this was a very recent discovery of mine)
8. When he is affectionate and tender with me
7. Kisses after a clean shave (wink wink)
6. Weekend morning coffee
5. When he bakes blueberry muffins while I am still sleeping in the mornings
4. He is handy around the house
3. He is so smart - he can answer almost all my questions (it's like having a human encyclopedia!)
2. World's best hubby!
1. World's best daddy!

Happy birthday Dan! I love you!