Saturday, March 29, 2008


Some cute Saturday morning pictures of Quincy's new favorite pastime...bubble blowing. We had some spring snow this week, so we have resorted to blowing bubbles inside. Makes for a nice sudsy floor, which is the closest I think I will get to mopping for awhile.

This week Dan also brought out a ragged old hat that once belonged to his sister Jerrie. Quin thought it was just so funny to wear this hat, and it made for some cute pictures.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun!

Well... it was kind of fun. Poor Dan was very sick, which meant we missed out on some of the Easter fun we had originally planned on. We weren't able to visit with family and participate in the fun Easter egg hunt on the farm, and we also missed out on a "date" a friend had offered free babysitting for. I am sure all will be made up in time, and Quincy was never the wiser. He had a great weekend just hanging out with mommy (daddy was too contagious!) It is so fun for us to watch the pure joy on his face! It is amazing the difference between now and just a few months ago at Christmas. At Christmas, he really could care less, and showed very little interest in all that was going on. This weekend, he was so excited for the small activities we participated in. My mom sent a sweet package full of Easter goodies, and he was so excited to open the box and all the gifts, giving the stuffed bunny rabbit "love" as he pulled it from the bag. Sunday morning a modestly stocked Easter basket awaited him. He peered into it and immediately smiled and removed the toys to play (no candy from the Easter bunny yet!). Later in the afternoon, after his nap, Daddy "hid" (more like randomly placed in obvious areas) Easter eggs full of crackers, raisins, and little cookies all around the living room. I had some serious doubts about how successful this would be. To my surprise, after I showed him what to do... he took right off, gathering all the eggs into his basket with very little prompting. Once all the eggs were gathered, then the fun was eating all the "treats" that were inside them. Our biggest surprise of the weekend however was when we blew bubbles from his Easter basket and without a moment of hesitation he began to exclaim "Bubble! Bubble!" We about died! He probably says this better than any other word, and we had no idea until now! Still, days later we blow bubbles just to hear him say it. It is one of the cutest things ever! He is such a smart boy! They even told us at his daycare that they are going to advance him to the next class because he is developing so quickly. He is still a little guy at only 20 lbs, but don't be deceived, he's a smart one! He is also waiving and saying "Hi!"... but only when HE feels like it. Another word he is getting the hang of (which is actually pretty helpful) is "More". He is growing so fast. Its really hard to believe.

Hopefully with my next blog we will ALL be healthy, and have more fun to tell you all about!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Farewell Matilda

We said goodbye to our dear companion of many years this weekend. Rest in peace Matilda. We love you and you will be missed.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Celebrating 14 months!

Dan and I have taken a few days off of work, something we both needed badly, to spend some good quality family time together. Quincy turned 14 months on Thursday, and we decided to do something fun. We went on his first visit to the Zoo. It wasn't Woodland Park in Seattle, but a smaller and lesser known Zoo in Issaquah. It was perfect, a small "taste" of the Zoo without the crowds. They had two tigers, some cougars and lemurs and lots of parrots, reindeer and alpacas. Quin's favorite parts of the Zoo were all the brass animal statues, steps to go up and down on, and the highlight of the trip... wooden benches to climb on (can I tell you how glad I am he was free?). He was such a good boy all day long, even without a good nap in. It was a very fun day. Today the fun continued! Quincy and I got some free passes to the "Kids Quest" museum we went to last week with Darla and Millie and decided to visit again, this time with Daddy. He just loves that place, although today's visit was MUCH busier than our last mellow Wednesday afternoon visit. It was still a lot of fun and we had to tear him away from the place, but I wasn't going to let him skip a nap again today. That results in a very crabby baby! His favorite part of today was playing with the water exhibits they have. That was Dan's favorite part too, he made a dam, and was like a little kid! We still have 3 more days off work, and I am hoping that at least one day will be spent getting some much needed projects done around the house (much to Dan's dismay!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Big Boy Haircut!

Sorry Auntie Chet... it had to be done! Quincy's hair was getting so shaggy, that Dan and I made the decision it was time for his first haircut. He did amazingly well, only getting extra squirrely when the electric clippers made an appearance. He was pretty serious the entire time, but no tears or fear at all. Now he just looks like such a big boy. I just keep look at him thinking how handsome he looks, all grown up. Dan was recently reminiscing about all the little baby things he misses... laying in bed as a family while Quincy kicks his legs and giggles, and holding him while he "jumps". He just keeps growing up and amazing us. Apparently he is quite the comedian at daycare, always entertaining the other kids and teachers. Where does he get that from?!