Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Busy Summer Week!

Well, Summer in the Pacific Northwest has at long last arrived! These are summer days I live for! Sultry summer evenings, light out until nearly 10pm... lounging around with friends outdoors where it is cool. It was a busy week, but lots of fun. Dan's birthday was Wednesday, but most of the celebration was reserved for this weekend. We entertained window salesmen mostly through the week, and have settled upon an expensive window upgrade this summer. It will be nice to see how much it helps with our electric bills this winter, as well as with the outside noise.

The weekend was quite busy. A wedding Friday night, where Quin stole the show as usual (don't tell the bride! LOL). Saturday morning we woke up and went to the golf course for breakfast. It made me remember the great summers at my grandmothers, enjoying hot days at the community pool and warm evening walks on the golf course outside of her home. She is moving back down to Southern California this week, and thinking back to my childhoods, the time spent at her home in Northern California will always bring joy to my heart. I know her move will do good for both her as well as my mom, but the little 7 year old in me is sad to say goodbye "officially" to those summers from long ago.

After our breakfast and a little nap, we joined the Froelich clan for a farewell party for Beau, who goes back to Iraq next week. It was at a lake in Snohomish, and I believe all of Snohomish was there being a very hot and sunny day. we couldn't stay too long, but wanted to visit for at least a little while. Quincy was overwhelmed by the amount of people, the noise, the waves in the water and the heat...

Saturday night we had friends over to celebrate Dan's birthday. It was fun, we had a great dinner and birthday cake of course. We were able to sit outdoors and enjoy the warm evening and each other. We have such wonderful friends, and we are so lucky to leave nearby so many of them! I always look forward to our dinner party's, but our summer dinner party's are always the best of all.

And our marathon weekend continues... this morning we went to Issaquah for the car show. I am so glad that Dan and I share a love for old cars. The only problem we have is trying to agree on which old classic car we would like to have someday. We found several we liked today... and Quincy found a fun one with Kermit. A photographer from the local Issaquah paper took this same photo, so Quincy and Dan may end up with a photo in the paper. We will let you know if it happens!
Having temperatures soar into the 90's today, my dear friend Margaret offered up her pool to us to cool off in. Quin adored every second, and I can see that we may have to visit Margaret's pool more often this summer. No pics to share...yet. After a very busy and very warm weekend, Quin was quite tuckered out. This afternoon at lunch he achieved the miraculous feat of both eating and sleeping at the same time, and we captured this hilarious video of it to share. He will hate my when he is a teenager!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Quick Update!

Well, we have had some fun this week. Here is a quick re-cap of it all!

On Friday night we went to the farm and Quincy had some fun playing with his cousins... He is so lucky to have cousins around the same age to play with, and to make it even better: a farm with goats, horses, chickens, geese, cats, dogs and frogs to visit!
Our neighbor Joshua, and his friend Jared visited us last night too. They came to play with Quincy... Joshua is the youngest in his family and he loves to play with Quincy. These two boys are quite the pair, so we took a picture of all the fun.

By demand, a better photo of my new haircut...

And now begins Dan's "Birthday Week"! Should be fun... I will report back soon!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

A very nice Father's day in the Williams house. Dan reports to me that his favorite part of the day was when Quincy gave him a big hug after delivering his presents. Dan received a special mug painted with love by Quin, and a nice pair of cuff links. Quincy also surprised us by saying, "I Love you" when prompted. He is such a smart boy, getting smarter everyday! We joined our good friends Darby and Jeremy Broyles and their daughter Ellette, and went to the Seattle Museum of Flight. It was pretty busy but still fun, and Quincy was in heaven! He loved all the planes, and especially loved watching the video of space shuttle lift-offs. Future pilot or Astronaut perhaps? Quincy and I are so very lucky to have Dan. He is the most patient daddy and husband. If Quincy turns out to be half as kind, smart and fun as his father, I will be a very proud mommy.

Quincy and I... I got a sassy new haircut this week. You can kind of see it in this picture, mostly just some new bangs. Very Mod.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Professional Bowler in the Making!

This last Friday I took Quincy with me to a bowling party I had at work. He was in heaven! He just loved rolling the bowling ball down the alley and would stomp his feet with excitement. He did surprisingly well too, even rolling a strike at one point! He is so social, and I am so glad for it. He really will go to just about anyone with a big smile and open arms! It makes it so much easier on me that he isn't too clingy or scared of everyone but mommy! He continues to learn new words faster than I can keep up with. It is amazing how he grows! He has multiple teeth coming in, all the better to eat of his most favorite things to do!

Last night we got together with our friends for our monthly dinner party. I am so happy to have such wonderful friends living so close by. With the weather getting better, it makes our time together that much more fun... and as our kids get older, they all enjoy playing with one another. Last night we had a rousing game of bocce ball. I had never played before, but it was lots of fun. Us girls played a round while the boys all sat and watched. It was a photo op I could not pass up!