Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hotel Williams: No Vacancy!

It has been quite a busy, yet enjoyable week of visitors here for us! My dear friend Darla was here for a short visit, and then as she left, my mom (or "Granny" as she is now called!) and brother Tyson came rolling in. They arrived very late Thursday night and planned to leave Tuesday. With the extreme fires in Southern California however, it was decided that it just DIDN'T make sense to rush back and their trip was extended a couple more days. It was a nice visit, although poor Tyson ended up catching the flu bug while he was here. I felt just terrible! I thought I had done such a good job of cleaning up all the little germies before they arrived. Not too fun having the stomach flu, and being stuck on somebody else's couch! Luckily he recovered and was able to spend at least sometime enjoying his visit here. I think he did at least. Time was mostly spent just enjoying Quincy, but they had a couple days to scoot around the city, and see the beautiful fall colors we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I tell ya, there isn't much like it down in California! Dan and I took advantage of overnight babysitting, and spent a glorious night in Seattle... and didn't wake up until 10am! Oh HEAVEN! Just like the old days! It was really nice to get away and just spend some time with each other away from our current "mommy" and "daddy" roles.

The fires in San Diego seemed to be pretty scary, and there were moments when it appeared that they could affect our family in a more dramatic way. Mom called home to make sure everyone knew where to find the family photos in case it came down to saving something from fire. Luckily, Vista was spared from evacuations and everyone was able to stay put and just wait it out. Many people were not so lucky, as you all know.

It has been a very eventful month, and for Quincy it is no exception! After he got over the stomach flu, and remainder of a cold and cough he had battled all month long he developed a slight ear infection! He was absolutely inconsolable! Two days in a row, he spent several hours crying and crying and there was nothing at all I could do to comfort him. I ended up crying along with him from sheer helplessness. I couldn't stand to see my sweet boy so upset. It was an extremely difficult week, but we caught it and got antibiotics before Granny and Uncle Tyson came to visit. They were spared the agony of watching hearing him cry for hours! He is MUCH better now, and back to his adorable self. He is officially crawling like a champ, and he has tooth #5 popping up now! He is growing so fast, and his little personality really shows. He gets frustrated when things don't happen as he would like... a toy doesn't do what he wants, mommy holds onto his bottle when he wants to hold it by himself, mommy won't let him get into the bathroom cupboards, etc. I feel bad that more often than not, I just want to laugh because it is so funny to see! We picked out his Halloween costume too! I am so excited for the holidays, and his first Halloween... Thanksgiving... Christmas... New Years... then Birthday!!! Wow!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Williams house of sickness

No pictures to go along with this post! They wouldn't be pretty!! My heart lept in my throat Friday afternoon when I saw a missed call from Quin's daycare... whatever could be wrong!! He had been throwing up and they asked my to come and get him. Poor baby boy, he was so lethargic and just wanted to be cuddled. I knew something was off that morning when he cried every time I sat him down to get ready for work... not something he usually does. Lucky mommy, I got thrown up on 5 times! But my sweet boy still wanted to give mama "love" and big open mouth kisses. Yum. Sure enough 36 hours later, guess who else was sick? Poor Dan had to go from taking care of a crabby, sick baby to a crabby, sick wife. He deserves a medal. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we are done, especially because my mom and brother are going to be here to visit in a few days! We don't want them to get sick too. The worst part of all, was that it was a GORGEOUS weekend, and we had planned to make Quincy's first trip to the pumpkin patch with Auntie Jerrie, Uncle Karl and the cousins. I am so sad we had to miss it! We will have to try and make a trip, just the three of us, soon.

Love and HEALTH to all!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Can't keep a good baby down!

As Quin approaches the 9 month mark, he has decided that simply sitting is no longer a viable option. He MUST be crawling, or standing at all times. In the bath I battle to keep in sitting down, and when changing his dirty diapers I resort to physically holding the boy down in order to avoid a gigantic poopy mess. And something I have learned over the last few months... just because he is 1/10 my size does not mean he only has 1/10 my strength!!! I am going to have to go to the gym just to keep up with him.

October is here, and the fall weather is along with it in full force. It is chilly and the leaves are beginning to turn. I caught a great photo last weekend of Dan and Quin as our little family ventured into the "big city" for an adventure at the Freemont Flea Market. Driving in Seattle is not something we do often now that we live in the mountains of North Bend, even after promising ourselves we would return at least once a month when we moved here. We had a fun day, and Quincy was a very good boy! He wins all kinds of admirers everywhere we go. I think we even got some good deals on a few purchases just because of the extra cute baby we had with us!

Auntie Chet (Jessica) is back in town for a few weeks, and we have been able to spend some time with her which is always fun. We love to hear of her adventures and hi-jinks while on the road travelling. I especially like the extra set of hands to help with the baby so I can do things, like sleep. Dan and I usually get at least one date out the deal too, which we need desperately! Its really hard to stay connected as husband and wife when we are pulled in so many other directions, but we both know how important it is for our family.
Hope all is well with our dear family and friends reading this! Love to all!
D, C & Q