Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another exciting weekend to report...

Summertime always seems to be so busy! So few warm weekends left, and so much to do!!! This weekend we drove to Wenatchee to visit Grandpa Gary. He made us some yummy lunch, and we spent lots of time out on the patio enjoying the warm day. We can't wait until he is bigger, and he can go out on Grandpa's boat to fish. It might be a few years before he is ready for that though.

We also decided to finally take Quincy on his first train ride. We are so lucky to have a restored train in our very own town! Quin was a little frightened at first, then he had a grand ol' time! We might have to take him again before he turns two and we have to start paying for him!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Amusing videos!

Had to post this video... too much fun!

And here is one of Quincy making a pizza... yes, he can make pizza.

So Cal Photographer anyone?

I randomly happened to find this great photographer online and she is currently in San Marcos....but only for a short time longer. Anyhow, with all the friends and family I have in the San Diego/ North County area, I wanted to give a little shout out... if you need any work done, check her out.

Here is her blog and website, pretty neat stuff! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So much to tell....

Covered in a fine layer of dirt and mosquito bites, I am updating this blog to let everyone know we are quite alive, happy and relaxed after a flurry of activity over the last few weeks. From a 5k run to a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, a visit to the Zoo and a weekend camping trip... it has been a very busy, but fun, month.
Where to begin? How about some photos?

My friend Lisa and I ran the 5k at the "Railroad Days" in Snoqualmie on August 2nd. We came in at 36 minutes. Next year we are aiming for the 10k!

Grandma and Grandpa spent about a week visiting us here, and Quincy was spoiled as any grandchild expects. We were able to visit Auntie Jessica at a music festival in Darrington, and Quin even helped to make some pizza's! We had oh so much fun with all the family and Quincy learned some new things too! He learned how to "punch it in" from Auntie, and he learned that Granny and Papa are suckers for those big blue eyes of his.

After Granny and Papa left, Dan and I had the whole next week off. We took Quin to Woodland Park Zoo and had a very fun (somewhat tiring) day. Quincy enjoyed himself enormously and found great joy in the gorillas, the butterfly exhibit and.... the under construction Penguin Exhibit. He really does have an unhealthy love for tractors. We blame it on his Uncle Karl.

Finally, we went a very fun camping trip with our dear friends for what we have decided is just the first of many annual camping trips. It was dirty...but that's what camping is all about, right? Dan has more pics (a very funny one of a VERY dirty baby on his blog) He also has lots more pics loaded at Check them out!

Lastly, Dan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary while my folks were here visiting. We were able to spend some time alone together (Thanks mom and dad!!) and it was so nice to remember all those reasons we fell in love. I love him for all he does for me, on so many levels. We are a very blessed family.