Sunday, April 27, 2008

Counting Down the days....

It has been a long week here in the Williams household. Last weekend both Dan and Quin were not feeling well. Quincy had a very high fever, resulting in a tearful and tantrum filled weekend and Dan went down with a cold (AGAIN!) It was one of those weekends where I was glad to see Monday roll around.

Later in the week I noticed Quincy's eye beginning to swell, and within 24 hours he looked like our very own Rocky Balboa! "Yo, Adrianne"

I took him in to see the doctor who found that he had an ear infection! Crazy... an ear infection can cause an eye to swell twice it's size? Apparently so. That explains it all! Now we know why we have had the worlds crabbiest baby of all time all week long!

And now all is back to normal! Happy baby, with normal sized eye's. We had some nice spring weather this weekend, and took Quincy to the park. We also went to the Mariner's game last night, or at least half of it....

Here's some pic's of the park...

Now we are just anxious for Thursday when we are scheduled to fly down to San Diego for the weekend!!! Wish us luck for the 3 hour long flight... eek.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Great Weekend!

We had a little taste of summer this weekend, with temperatures soaring into the high 70's on Saturday. It was glorious and we celebrated by going to the park and comfortably wearing short sleeves. Alas it was short lived... and last night it was snowing on my drive home! ICK! On Sunday, it was back to being grey out, but that didn't stop us from joining up with the Froelich clan and visiting Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. We had lots of fun and I think Quincy enjoyed himself, although the day would have reached utter perfection had he been allowed to pet the animals. Oh well, next stop... petting zoo (a.k.a the Froelich farm!)

Enjoy some photos from our weekend!

Quincy has continued to amaze us as he learns things so quickly. This week he has been using the word "car" (pronounced "caw") with such frequency he is beginning to sound like a crow! Everytime he see's a car, which is EVERYWHERE, he exclaims "CAW!" It is pretty cute! He is a smart boy.