Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spain Girls Reunion!

So, lucky girl that I am, left Spain 11 years ago with not only an amazing, life-changing experience living in and traveling throughout Europe... but I also left with 4 of the best girlfriends anyone could ask for. We try as much as possible to re-unite as often as we can, but being so scattered across... well, currently, North America, it isn't something we get to do quite often enough. The last time we were all together all at once was in 2003 for Lindsay's wedding. Too long ago!

This last weekend we managed to make it happen again... no weddings required! We all met up in Phoenix, where Jenny currently lives. It was an amazing weekend! I flew in Thursday night, and first spent the evening catching up with my dear high school friend, Erin, who has two adorable little girls (one of which is only 5 weeks old!). After spending some time with Erin, it was time for her to drop me off with Jenny...and the official "Spain Girls Reunion" began! During the weekend we mostly laughed and relaxed, and remembered how lucky we are to have each other!

Here are the stats from the weekend:
50 - beautifully painted toes (and 10 pretty fingers!)

1 - incident of falling down laughing in the hotel hallway

2 - occasions requiring a dash to the bathroom to avoid an "accident"
1 - incident of laughing while drinking a margarita = messy
1 - phone call from the hotel about the noise from our room
3 - hours of shopping (without kids!)

42 - references to a "ballerina/ballerino"
27 - references to a "carabineer"
4 - references to a "best boy"
5 - "Chocolate con tequila" consumed

374 - memories of Spain discussed
562 - photographs taken in Spain looked at

(11 years ago! Our "roadtrip" to Portugal)
15 - shot's taken (German Chocolate Cake shots?! YUM!)
1 - unsuccessful attempt at using broccoli as a tequila shot "chaser"

0 - opportunities to lounge poolside (sad)
0 - calories consumed (it's a rule - calories don't count!)
1 - brief baby visit (with Jenny's adorable little one!)

3 - Awesome hubbies who took over Daddy duties the entire weekend we were away (Thank you Dan, Bob and Jared!)
172,800 - seconds of FUN!

I can't wait until we do it again!


Quincy's grandma said...

what beautiful young women you have all grown to be! As a mother I am frustrated that I can't figure out which toes belong to my daughter???? cicely's mom

Corinne @ The Splendid Stuff said...

Cheers to your fun! :)

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