Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Year Old in the Hizzy....

It is official. Quincy is 3!

We had a fun day to celebrate this eventful milestone birthday (er....)
Dan and I both took a half day at work, and picked him up from daycare at noon. First stop, Red Robin for lunch. They announced his birthday to everyone in the restaurant and sang to him and brought him a ice cream sundae. He was a little bit bashful, but you could tell he really loved the attention (where does he get that from?)

We then drove to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Seattle, Ballard to visit "Golden Gardens". Quincy loves the beach so much (he asks if we can go quite often), so we took him to the closest sandy beach we could think of. It wasn't too cold, and the sun peaked out occasionally. Hey, it is January in Western Washington, we did pretty good. He dug around in the sand for quite awhile, and then... the highlight of short Quincy's life occurred: A Freight Train rumbled past.
Bless his heart, he tried to chase that train with all he could give.
Once the train was out of sight he matter-o-factly declared, "Let's go find that train guys!" (Yes... he calls us "guys")
We played along for a good 90 minutes or so, before he caught on somewhere around Issaquah. He was NOT happy. Quite upset actually, and continued to ask to go see the train throughout the remainder of the evening (and week actually).

I think all-in-all, despite the train incident, he had a wonderful birthday!

I am amazed at what a grown up boy he is. He always surprises us with new things. I can't help but look at him, especially at night when he has finally fallen asleep.... he looks so grown up now. He is not my baby, not even a teensy, tiny bit. I am trying to remind myself that he will continue to get bigger and bigger. At some point in the next several years... he will stop crawling into bed with us every night, he will not  be so quick to give me kisses and tell me he loves me, he will not want me to hold him and carry him, he will not want me to play at the park with him, instead of saying "I am not happy" when frustrated or upset.... he will just slam the door and give me the silent treatment, he will not want to help me with my hair and makeup or pick out what I should wear (which he really likes to do)... sometimes it is hard to remember, but I am trying to enjoy it all... all. I swear, just over the last month he has more independent than ever. I can already see three being the "I will do it all by myself" phase, and even that leaves me with mixed emotions. So grown up, and only three.


Kristin said...

you just pretty much blogged about hayley's phase in that last bit there. sad, i know. so enjoy every moment and capture them too so you have proof because before yo uknow it they're 13 and you're not they're best friend anymore :(

and i love how he cals you and dan 'guys'. thats hilarious. hayley calls me kristin all the time. mainly because ive tuned her out. haha

Corinne said...

That was seriously one of the cutest posts I've ever seen. And, Mason calls us Guys sometimes too. Cracks me up EVERY time. :) I can totally picture it. Welcome to the Threes. Take a spa day as needed. They are needed. I'm glad you are back in the blogging world! I missed your posts. :) PS- Love love love the photo of Q with your husband in the background. :)